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value proposition

Bionic or myoelectric hands have given many users incredible new confidence, the changing grips mean it can do a lot of the functions of a real hand, and its focus on a “bionic” cosmetic has boosted users self-perception, feeling proud to show off their advanced device. When actually using this device, however, it is so slow and unreliable, that the utility is seriously hampered. 30 years ago it seemed this could be optimised, but today, myoelectric devices have the same issues since they began. For quick and easy function, users prefer body-power (55% of UK users to be precise), with split hooks being the most popular devices. Although simple and only a single grip, these are reliable and easy to use – making them the most functional device currently. Taking these considerations, Metacarpal’s unique place on the market lies in a product that uses body-power technology that users love, is able to switch between grips just like a bionic hand and uses the same cosmetic that has boosted user’s confidence in public. However unlike the bionic hands, users won’t need a mortgage to buy one, the chance of breaking is drastically reduced and they are much quicker and easier to use.


Below you will find a timeline of our design work (newest first). We have created some great content for you to see, both computer rendered and physical prototypes.

This starts with the Beacon hand. 


Our latest hand, which has been tested and used in the footage at the top of this page. It is our best and most developed hand yet with a dedicated pinch grip and strong build quality. This hand takes its 2 predecessors and combines them into a more refined and functional design

azimuth hands

One of our latest prototypes showing our newest design features


The first hand to bring together lots of smaller things that made the product feel more solid.


This model was a new members first introduction to prosthetics and was tasked with designing a hand to see the complicated process and where common flaws lay.


Our first fully functional hand design 

functional prototype.

The ultimate test for any prosthetic arm is fetching a cold one. Watch Rico perform all tasks necessary using our latest prototype, with only 10 minutes of putting the arm on. There is much more to come so stay in touch

type 1 model.

Our first full arm design and proof of concept. Hand component has since been developed into the Aurora