Updating Body-powered hand prosthetics

prostheses inspired by nature; made by machines

we work differently.

We are focused on designing and manufacturing products using emerging and cutting-edge technology. Our initial and flagship product is a revolutionary prosthetic arm, which will deliver superior design and function for a price far below any other product in the prosthetic market.

About us

our product.

We have a cutting edge prosthetic arm in development that we cannot wait to show you

social mission.

As well as creating a product that out performs competitors, we aim to also supply prosthetics to those most in need in the developing world.

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our support and awards

here are the people who have been helping this project along. 

Made In Scotland 

Young Entrepreneur of the Year award 2020

Scottish YoungEdge

Top Prize YoungEdge award in round 18

Strathclyde Inspire

Part of Strathclyde accelerator program 

Social Shifters 

Runner up in the global innovation challenge

RS Components

Part of RS grassroots program

Scottish Institute for Enterprise

Winner of the Fresh Ideas award

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Whether you are an investor looking for an exciting business, someone with an upper limb difference, or just someone with fantastic advice, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

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