about us.

who are we?

This company began as the co-founder's masters university project, and now has been incorporated for over 2 years. We hope to keep expanding the team bringing in new skill sets and exciting personalities. Metacarpal are proud to be a Scottish Startup based in the capital city: Edinburgh. 

why hand prosthetics?

While foot and leg prosthetics have been incredibly successful at restoring the functional and psychological needs of amputees, the same cannot be said for hand devices. The NHS estimate, 26-45% of upper-limb amputees wear no prosthetic at all! And some estimates are even higher. This problem is worsened when you consider that for those missing only 1 hand, this typically leads to overreliance on the sound side that can rapidly develop into arthritis or similar problems.

Centrally, the problem here is that these health problems are actually less of a sacrifice than current upper-limb prosthetics. No matter what, if any, device someone chooses - they must make a huge compromise to either their well-being, their function or their self-perception. At Metacarpal, we are looking to make a product which does not compromise across any of these aspects.


We have a fantastic mix of engineers with the technical know-how and senior business leaders helping guide the company.

Fergal Mackie

Co-founder and CEO

Fergal is a design engineer who wanted to put his passion to use, increasing quality of life for people all around the world.

Christopher Nisbet

Lead Design Engineer

Chris has 15 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering Design.

Stefan Baldacchino

Design Engineer

A biomedical engineering graduate with particular interest in prosthetics.

Natasha Fell

Mechanical Design Engineer

Natasha's passion is putting her Mechanical Engineering know-how into medical devices

David Bowie

Chairman & Non-Exec

David has been in MedTech for over 30 years and so started supporting Metacarpal through an advisory role. Such is David's confidence in the project that David joined as an NED and investor in late 2021.

Innes Taylor


Innes understands International MedTech, having worked in scaling businesses for over 15 years.

He is ideally suited to help create a business from a fantastic medical product.

Sally Bowie


Sally has vast experience in leading and marketing medical technology having worked as international marketing manager for a leading prosthetics company already.

Edwin Lindsey


Edwin is the Principal Consultant of Compliance Solutions. He advises on all medical regulatory matters.


Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Edinburgh , EH9 3HJ, GB

Body-Driven Prosthetic Hands


Royal Observatory Edinburgh
Edinburgh EH9 3HJ, GB

About us

At Metacarpal we want to make the best prosthesis possible. This means a functional device, that's comfortable to wear all day long, accessible pricing and looks so good that it makes you feel good. We achieve this with better materials, and more advanced engineering than competitors.