Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I invest in Metacarpal?

If you are interested in investing, please get in touch through the contact page and put "investment" in the subject line. Not only do Metacarpal supply people with life-changing products, but we have created a investable business proposition.

How does the Metacarpal hand work?

 Essentially, it works just like other body-powered devices. A cable comes out of the hand, is wrapped around the users back to a shoulder harness on the opposite shoulder. Through movement of the shoulders, arm or elbow, this pulls on the cable and closes a grip in the hand. 

Metacarpal add extra functionality to this. The adaptable grasp is automatic, but grips can be controlled by a toggle on the side of the hand. Similarly, the user can easily switch to different flexion and rotation positions on the wrist. 

For a full explanation, check out this article on Body-Powered Prosthetics 

What level of amputation is compatible?

From wrist to shoulder disarticulation (including transradial, elbow disarticulation and transhumeral). However, this is based on what is possible with current body-powered products. We will do our own testing to ensure that the product works for each level.

We are working to include bilateral amputees also, but this may require a separate product.

How much does the Metacarpal hand cost?

The price of the device is not yet decided, and will likely vary from region to region since there are different costs associated with selling in different parts of the world. Metacarpal will work to ensure that the device is accessible through both public and private healthcare. 

Is the hand waterproof or resistant?

To ensure prosthetics without compromise, Metacarpal only use the highest grade of materials which ensure that the product will be fully submergible in water. Without any electronics, this means you may do the dishes without having to think about protecting your prosthesis.

When will this product be available?

Our timeline predicts that the product will be available by mid - 2024. In the meantime, if you are interested in having an input on the design or even in trialling, please get in contact from the "Get in Touch" page.

Where will these products be available?

Metacarpal are based in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. We have ambitious plans to quickly expand across Europe and North America, then later to go worldwide.

Are there any available job positions?

Metacarpal will post all job positions across the News feed, through our newsletter, on LinkedIn and Instagram. So please if you are interested in working for Metacarpal, please ask to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social channels. 

If you believe you could add a lot to the Metacarpal team, please contact us through the "Get in Touch" page.

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At Metacarpal we want to make the best prosthesis possible. This means a functional device, that's comfortable to wear all day long, accessible pricing and looks so good that it makes you feel good. We achieve this with better materials, and more advanced engineering than competitors.